We will take care of your pets

Platform for solving daily routines of pet owners — health, food, walking, etc.

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What's inside?

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Veterinary clinics

Schedule you visit to appropriate veterinary doctor to get all medical help you need

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Medical card

Electronic medical card for your pet — you'll keep all information available independent of which doctor you choose

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You'll never forget to do any required medical or care procedures

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Locate lost pets

Tools to find lost pets and post information about found homeless pets

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Buy food and stuff

You can buy appropriate food and stuff for your pet (coming soon)

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All services

You can locate services for your pet — grooming, pet hotels, etc. (coming soon)

Benefits for Partners

New clients

You'll get new clients for your clinic or service, bacause of you'll be able for direct communications

Automated business processes

You'll save your money because of automated busoness processes

Knowledge base

You'll be able to get access to knowledge base


Take control on quality of your services!


You'll be able to work with analytics based on collected big data


You can build your own services integrated with our platform!